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September 2018 GIVE Project- Step Up

For the month of September we worked with Step Up! Step Up is a non profit in Muskegon. To learn more about Step Up please visit their website;

We had the chance to meet Lynn, one of the coordinators of the organization. She shared with us a little bit more about the needs in the community and how they’re able to meet some of them. Their focus is on older kids aging out of foster care. She said “half of them don’t have their diplomas or driver’s license.” One of their missions is to see to it that the kids have structure and a place to live. To get into the housing they offer, hopeful residents have to fill out an application, have an interview, offer references, etc. Some of them come through a local church and others through high school counselors. In addition to an existing women’s home, they are currently renovating a men’s home. It will have space for 5 residents and a house manager. The house manager serves as an adult presence and mentor to the residents for whatever issues they may encounter. Living in the group home comes with it’s share of responsibilities as well. The girls living in the women’s house currently have a curfew and chores. They are also required to work a minimum of 30 hours a week or to be in school. Sunday nights they make a meal together and have some community time.

Step Up is reaching the young adults in Muskegon by offering them a home, mentoring, and other resources. They’re offering a safe place home for these young adults to build a better life as they transition into adulthood. We’re so thankful for the efforts of Step Up and what they’re doing for our community!