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January 2020 GIVE Project- Kids’ Food Basket

Tuesday was our second time volunteering at Kids’ Food Basket! This time we had different team members and prepped different food! We were put to work right away with our hair nets 🙂 (In all honesty, we accidentally first put beard nets on our heads…we wondered why they were such an odd shape!)

We signed up for ‘Sack Supper Food Prep’- During that time the volunteers prepare produce for sack suppers. Preparing includes washing, cutting and repacking fruits and veggies. For that specific day our team was tasked with oranges and cucumbers to prep. The snacks were then bagged for the food delivery at the end of the school day. Each participating student received a sack lunch including; oranges, cucumbers, trail mix and a turkey sandwich. A healthy and well balanced meal!

Their food prep system is a well oiled machine! Each person is given a specific duty- washer, cutter, food filler, bag opener, bag sealer, etc. All the produce was so fresh and high quality! The kitchen was full of hardworking volunteers. It was such a fun environment to work in! They’ve created such a welcoming community/work culture there. Team work makes the dream work!

We love this organization and how they ensure that kids don’t go to bed with an empty stomach.

If you’re looking for ways to make a difference in your community, be sure to check out the Kids’ Food Basket website. They’re always looking for extra hands to help!

They have 3 different sites. (Grand Rapids, Muskegon & Holland) Volunteer link here!