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GIVE Project – Love INC – May 2016

GIVE Project – Love INC – May 2016

May 2016 – Love INC. Tri-Cities

We had the pleasure of meeting with Katie Appold, the Executive Director of Love INC Tri-Cities. She was gracious enough to show us around their Free Health & Dental Clinic, the building for which was given to them in 2014 by a local dentist, Dr. Riopelle.

Love INC provides twenty-seven individual ministries through area churches. Each ministry is made possible by donations of funding, volunteer hours, and other resources by their network of churches and the Tri-Cities Community.

As we talked with Katie about all the different ministries Love INC provides, we had the chance to ask her some specific questions.

“What is the greatest struggle that Love INC faces?”

“Funding! People come in and they see this beautiful office and the artwork on the walls, and they don’t think we need the funds. But the building, the artwork, the furniture, it was all a gift! We’re not paying for it out of pocket. 76% of our money goes to programs. We are truly about meeting needs and not administrative costs. Our marketing expenditures are around 3%, which is unheard of. [The average advertising allocation usually ranges between 9-12% of an annual budget.*] We do a lot through social media and with our e-news letter. We do one print newsletter every 2months, and that is it.”

We expressed our surprise at the size and reach of the organization, to which Katie replied: “It’s funny how many people support Love INC but they think we’re just a food pantry! If they just knew the enormity of everything that was happening…”

Not only does Love INC have a phenomenal food pantry, which feeds 10 local food pantries, but they also have amazing housing ministries, including the Hope House Women’s Shelter, and the Harbor House Men’s Shelter. The Love INC Sheltered Housing programs are designed to serve the whole individual, not just give them a place to stay. They do this by fostering growth in the areas of life that support sustainability such as Money Management, Life Skills (nutrition, conflict management, communication, scheduling), Biblical Knowledge, Volunteerism, and Job Placement Assistance. While explaining the magnitude of their housing programs, Katie said: “People are always shocked that we have homeless people in this area, but we have full houses with waiting lists!”

“What are the best moments with Love INC?”

“The best moments by far, are when it’s undeniable that God is in control of the ministry. It’s just GOD, showing up and meeting the need, helping us to do what we do. And it happens all the time!”

Katie also told us about their newest housing project, Providence Place. Providence Place is a barrier-free, low cost housing opportunity for mentally able, but physically disabled people. Love INC. seeks to meet the need of physically disabled people to have a place to call home, freedom to move about the community, and be in a location with others who relate to the unique challenges of their lives. The Providence Place campaign is currently seeking $850,000 in community philanthropy to fund its ministry goals.

Love INC believes in the potential and purpose of each person. They aim to care for neighbors in need and help give them a hand up through programs focused on basic needs like shelter, food, health/dental care, life skills, and household sustainability. Learn how you can begin offering help, hope and Love In the Name of Christ at

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