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Klingel Homes GIVE PROJECT

Klingel Homes GIVE PROJECT

At Klingel Homes, our desire is to do everything to the best of our abilities, and with great purpose. We desire to be intentional, self-reflective, and conscious of the impact of our actions. As we reflect on years past, we find ourselves donating funds without forethought or investment of heart, so we decided to change how we give to our community.

As we are turning over this new leaf, we decided to give this project a name. The GIVE PROJECT is a movement created to bring awareness to the ministries that Klingel Homes partners with. When we give funds to those ministries, we will know where those funds are going to be used, and have assurance that we are being good stewards of the blessings that we have been given. Our goal is to meet with one ministry each month, learn about it, donate funds, and use our connections to bring awareness to the ministry and its needs.