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January 2019 GIVE Project- Positive Options

This past month we had the privilege of learning more about an organization that happens to be our neighbor! (literally right across the parking lot) Sarah Minner, the Director of Positive Options gave us a tour of their space and shared their mission.

They have 4 different centers and we visited the Grand Haven location. At this location they have about a dozen people working which includes 10 volunteers. The volunteers go through training and a shadowing period which is the same process as a staff member. They have found this community to be so giving! They’ve received many donations of clothes and diapers and other things! Grand Haven receives the most donations out of all the centers!

Sarah showed us some improvements that were made in their space recently to adapt to the flow of their process better.

They truly believe in the power of empowering those that come in. Their perspective is “let’s make sure you feel empowered to do this and do it well!” She has such a passion to pour into them and said, “our clients that come in are trying hard! They’re over comers!”

Kristen asked Sarah, “what if a teenager came in privately? Do you encourage them to reach out to their parents?” Sarah said, “we are not obligated to notify parents. Because we realize it’s something they’re going to have to deal with. Only if the client wants us to, do we reach out to the parents – we’re available to facilitate the conversation.” We found it surprising to hear that the average age woman coming into this center is 22. Teenage pregnancy has plummeted because there’s been a lot of education out there for teens! One thing that they have found to help with diffusing situations is that the team members range in ages. Many call this team the ‘pause button’. This is because they are there to calm down a situation and talk it through.

The center has a large room filled with necessary items to raise a little one; clothing, diapers, bottles, etc. Any education class they take, they can earn vouchers and use that to purchase any items. Mothers tend to take these classes even with giving up their child for adoption to be able to gift clothes to the adoptive parents.

The center finds that when a father comes into the center something shifts in their head when they see all of the resources available. It gives them some hope, financially that they can do it.

Sarah said, “we’re faith based and think women deserve better than abortion. Regardless of your decision, you’re welcome back here, whether man or woman. We try to stay open for them and what we can do to help. We want to help them make the best decision possible.”

Sarah has been at the organization for 10 years and has found that most women really don’t want an abortion, they just feel pressured to do so.

With passion in her voice she told us, “every single life is a gift and every single parent is a gift.” We couldn’t agree more. Every life is gift!

Here’s how YOU can help this organization:

Financial donations are always welcome! Every time someone brings in a check that’s one more person they can help and offer their services too!