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March GIVE Project- Muskegon Humane Society

For our March GIVE Project, we took a trip to the Muskegon Humane Society!

We were privileged to meet with their Director, Alexis Ogborn. We got to tour their facility and hear about what they do for our community. Listening to Alexis talk so passionately about each animal and giving them hope really shows the depth of this organization.

The facility has a few acres of land that they can use to take the dogs on walks! The facility offers care and a home for both cats and dogs. She shared some powerful stories with us; One of the cats initially came in because a 2×4 fell on it’s head and looking at it now, you would never have guessed because it has healed so well! Another cat was electrocuted but now it looks so healthy!


I asked her what their needs are at this point:

  • She said they have lots of kitties coming in during this time of year so with that they could use more pate wet food and heating pads.
  • The heating pads are constantly needed for sick animals.
  • They also need peanut butter, pumpkin and apple sauce as well for enrichment. They put them in the dog’s kongs at night so it keeps them happy and occupied. Along with this, they could use more kongs.
  • They are always in need of dog food! As long as it does not have red or green dye in it, anything bland and without color. Blue Buffalo & Science Diet is best! The same goes for cat food.
  • Can always use kitty litter, they prefer pellet liter because it’s better for the cat’s lungs (can be found at Tractor Supply).

Learn more about the organization and volunteer opportunities at: