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November 2019 GIVE Project- All Shores Wesleyan

For this month’s GIVE Project, we did our annual donation of turkeys to All Shores Wesleyan Church’s food pantry. This year we donated 40 turkeys! We’re so grateful that we could bless families in need this Thanksgiving! The food pantr...

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October 2019 GIVE Project- Sacred Suds

This past month we were excited to work with Sacred Suds in Muskegon! This non profit is part of Community enCompass. You can learn more about them here: We visited and toured the facility, brou...

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September 2019 GIVE Project – Hope Pkgs

When you think "back to school", you think of backpacks, right? We do! So we were happy to partner with Hope Pkgs! This organization provides backpacks in a special way to a special type of community! We had the pleasure of inviting Lisa Hoe...

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June 2019 GIVE Project- NORA

This past month we were happy to partner with NORA summer camps!  Specifically at their summer school program they run at Ferry Elementary in Grand Haven. Last summer we volunteered for an afternoon, but this year we were happy to meet the...

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May 2019 GIVE Project- Muskegon Rescue Mission

This month, for our Klingel Homes GIVE Project, we are partnering with the Muskegon Rescue Mission! We decided to partner with them in their Double Match program. This means that our donation will double in the form of Meijer food gift cards w...

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April 2019 GIVE Project – Tri-Cities Women Who Care

For our April Give Project we chose to highlight Tri-Cities Women Who Care. This amazing organization grew from a seed planted in Jackson, Michigan by Karen Dunigan in 2006. Karen formed an alliance of 117 women who joined forces to streamline ...

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March 2019 GIVE Project – Read Muskegon

March is Reading Month! For our GIVE Project this month, we are partnering with Read Muskegon. "One in six adults in the United States is functionally illiterate, reading at or below the 4th grade level. In Muskegon County, that translates to ...

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January 2019 GIVE Project- Positive Options

This past month we had the privilege of learning more about an organization that happens to be our neighbor! (literally right across the parking lot) Sarah Minner, the Director of Positive Options gave us a tour of their space and shared their ...

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